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The terms and conditions given below will govern your accessibility and usage of this site. You will accept these terms and conditions and any additional rules or conditions that may be introduced from time to time regarding services of this website.

Classic Prints reserves the right to make amendments to this website without any prior notice in advance. These terms and conditions have to be reviewed each time user makes access to this Site. User accepts to receive all legal notices and communications that will be provided by us either through posting on our website or an e-mail sent to the e-mail address that is furnished by you to us.

Classic Prints will not be liable for any damages or delay in delivery occurring due to machinery breakdown, acts of nature or other reasons including governmental and others but not limited to riot or war. The Buyer's purchase order or order confirmation mail shall be considered as an acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Classic Prints does not guarantee finishing of product regarding printing colours or texture of the finished product ordered by the user. There is possibility of the quality of finished products or services or any other material used not meeting your expectations. Certain features of your ordered product like the colour, size etc may require minor changes to be done due to limitations of production machinery, materials available or limitations due to quality of the design given by you. In all such cases, it is the sole privilege of Classic Prints to take the appropriate decision. However, all efforts will be taken to help you in all possible best ways.

The buyer agrees that Classic Prints will not be held responsible for any losses, expenses and costs (including costs of legal proceedings) due to any type of claims and demands or actions and proceedings that may be carried out against Classic Prints for any reasons that the work in question violates trademarks, copyrights, service marks or is disreputable or transgresses any individual's right to privacy.

The goods will be shipped by a shipping carrier with mutual understanding. Classic Prints will not be liable for any inconvenience or losses caused due to delay or damage of goods while they are with the shipping carrier. No responsibility will be taken by Classic Prints to replace the defective goods brought by the buyer.

Classic Prints will stop the processing of the buyer's order in case of payment failure. Classic Prints is entitled to recover losses and legal costs from the buyer in case it needs to undertake legal action.

All orders will be processed depending on their acceptance by Classic Prints. An order once placed can be rejected anytime without recourse by Classic Prints. Changes in price can also be enforced by us after the receipt of the order.
The terms and conditions as well as transactions made over phone or online will be governed by the laws of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.